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about "PACKAGE" Pricing


Special Inspections generally work in 3 phases:


  • Identification of Responsibilities

  • Inspections Period

  • Certification of Completed Inspections


With EZTR1.com you can purchase these services in phases, as needed or obtain a discounted fee by ordering a prepaid "PACKAGE" by purchasing all 3 phases in advance of the "Identification of Responsibilities" (prior to permit) phase. 


This package includes the following:

  • Issuance of the initial "ID of responsibilities TR-1 form"

  • One inspection visit per identified inspection

  • One Conpleted "Certification of Inspection" TR-1 form. (Upon passed inpsection)


Failed inspections require additional inspections which must be purchased prior to re-inspection.


Express postage, messenger sevices are available upon request.  if requested,  will be  billed to customer's credit card at a later date.


Fees Quoted are for minor projects only limited to 4000sf.  Written quotations are avialable upon request for projects larger than 4000sf.


EZTR1.com reserves the right to decline services for any project after the full project details have been provided. If the project is declined, all fees will be immediately reimbursed.


Additional certified copies of issued TR-1 forms will be charged $75. per form.