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Third Party Architectural & Engineering Services in New York City


Special Inspections are mandated in the 2008 NYC Construction Codes. A Special Inspection Agency is an approved inspection agency employing one (1) or more persons who are special inspectors and that met all requirements of 1 RCNY §101-06. A special inspection agency may perform inspections in accordance with Appendix A of 1 RCNY §101-06 The Special Inspectors and Special Inspection Agencies rule (1 RCNY §101-06) requires that all agencies performing special inspections must be registered with the department as a special inspection agency. To become a registered Special Inspection Agency, agencies must submit a registration application to the Department and be approved. Approval will be deemed an acknowledgment by the Special Inspection Agency of its obligations to perform special inspections. was created by Architects & Engineer's serving the NYC Construction Industry for 40 years.'s website is designed to be a soucre of information and inspection services, easily accessible to Architects, Engineers, Filing Representitives and Building Owner's Throughout the City and beyond.


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Click Here to see NYC Department of Buildings Rule regarding Special Inspections

The information contained in this website can be found was obtained from material published by the NYC Department of Buildings and is subject to change without notice. AKS Architecture & Engineering Services, LLP is not responsible for outdated or superceded material. For the most current Department of Buildings published material go to


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