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TR-1 Fire Resistance Rated Construction (BC 110.3.4)

TR-1 Fire Resistance Rated Construction (BC 110.3.4)


110.3.4   Fire-resistance-rated   construction   inspection.Fire-resistance-rated   construction   shall   be   inspected   to   determine compliance with the approved construction documents, including inspection of the following work:1.Fire-resistance-rated partitions, floors, ceilings, shafts;and2.Fire shutters.Exception:Where  the  scope  of  work  affecting  an  existing  fire-rated  wall  assembly  is  limited  to  through-penetration firestopping  and,  in  the  course  of  work,  the  cutting  away  or  removal  of  any  part  of  the  existing  fire-resistance-rated construction becomes necessary in the general area surrounding the penetration, not to exceed 4 square feet (0.37 m2) in any given  area,  the  progress  inspection  for  fire-resistance-rated  construction  shall  not  be  required  provided  that  the  special inspection  agency  for  the  through-penetration  firestopping  special  inspection  verifies  that  the  removed  portion  of  fire-resistance-rated construction (i) is less than 4 square feet (0.37 m2), and (ii) has been restored to its original condition

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