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TR-1 Emergency Power Systems (Generators)

TR-1 Emergency Power Systems (Generators)

1704.13 Special case. Special inspections shall be required for proposed work that is, in the opinion of the commissioner, unusual in its nature, such as,  but not limited to, the following examples:
•Construction materials and systems that are alternatives to materials and systems prescribed by this code.
•Unusual design applications of materials described in this code.
•Materials and systems required to be installed in accordance with additional manufacturer’s instructions that prescribe requirements not contained in this code or in standards referenced by this code.

2702.1 Installation. Emergency systems shall be installed in accordance with the New York City Electrical Code, NFPA 110 and NFPA 111, and shall have an on-premises fuel supply sufficient for not less than 6-hour full-demand operation of the system. However, for R-2 occupancies required to provide emergency power systems pursuant to the provisions of Section 403.11.2, and for voluntarily installed emergency power systems, natural gas from the public utility street main shall be permitted as fuel supply.
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