TR-1 Concrete - Cast -in -Place (BC 1704.4)

TR-1 Concrete - Cast -in -Place (BC 1704.4)

1704.4 Concrete construction. The special inspections and verifications for concrete construction shall be as required by this section and Table 1704.4. 

Exception: Special inspections shall not be required for the following when specifically exempted on the approved construction documents:

1. Concrete placement of less than 50 cubic yards (38 m3)‡ provided that the concrete is nonstructural and is not subject to the durability requirements of Section 1904. In such case, testing may be waived by the registered design professional who prepared the structural construction documents.
2. Nonstructural concrete slabs supported directly on the ground, including prestressed slabs on grade, where the effective prestress in the concrete is less than 150 psi (1.03 Mpa).
3. Concrete foundation(s) for lightweight fences and recreational equipment.
4. Concrete patios, site furnishings, garden walls, driveways, sidewalks and similar construction.

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